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Moral Turpitude

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Through a series of drawings, images, legal documents and words, sibling photographers Pablo and Roxana Allison assembled this book published by Undocumented Press describing their second encounter with the criminal justice system, this time in the USA, each from their own side of their lived experience: Pablo detained in an immigration prison in the United States of America, Roxana in the United Kingdom trying to get her brother released.

After travelling for almost two months by freight trains from Mexico City up to the USA border and further north to the Canadian border, Pablo ended up detained by immigration officials who denied him entry into Canada.

He was subsequently transferred to US Border Patrol officers who determined his fate. What was initially planned as a journey to continue his work on migration, resulted in a story about his second experience of incareration, this time within an ICE prison facility, and the vital role of family and friends in the process of his release.

The book is enclosed in an evidence seal bag and includes a full colour double-sided postcard.

  • ISBN : 978-1-9993797-0-4 
  • Product Dimensions: Passport size approx.
  • Publisher: Undocumented Press (Published August 2021)
  • Designed by Mark Starbuck / Tom, Dick & Harry Studio
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Language:  English / Spanish
  • Price: £30.00 + shipping (RRP is £45.00)
All images © 2009 - 2022  Roxana Allison
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