Stange Times Under a Shared Roof (Work in Progress)

Strange Times Under a Shared Roof (2020 -2021) is a photographic documentation of my experience of lockdown in the United Kingdom which commenced in March 2020. My brother lived with me and my husband in our one-bedroom flat for two and a half months as he was unable to go back to Mexico, where he currently lives; it was the first time my brother and I lived together since leaving our parents home more than 15 years ago. Sharing a small space proved to be challenging as it tested our tolerance, patience and differences. In the early stages of lockdown my brother and I established a loose photographic collaboration in the domestic setting but I continued with the documentation after he left. 

The project is ongoing as further restrictions continue to take place throughout the country. I am currently shooting and working towards a preliminary edit of the series.

All images © 2009 - 2021  Roxana Allison
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