Strange Times Under a Shared Roof (Edit in Progress)

Strange Times Under a Shared Roof (2020-2021) is a personal photographic documentation of life during the imposed lockdowns in the United Kingdom resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic commencing in March 2020. 

My husband, my brother and I were forced to live under a shared roof, a one-bedroom flat in Southeast Manchester. It was the first time the three of us lived in the same space for this length of time. 

Like most people around the world, we unexpectedly adapted our homes and faced the circumstances as best we could, but the 10 weeks together proved to challenge our relationship, our tolerance, patience and differences. The bittersweet experience ended up in a foreseeable fall-out. 

The feelings are still raw and the wounds from this pandemic remain open. Hopefully time will help them (us) heal.

All images © 2009 - 2022  Roxana Allison
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