'Women of the Forest' portrays a working day in the life of the women guardians of a forest located in San Pablo Oztotepec, a small village in Milpa Alta, a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Mexico City. I was invited to spend the day with the group and document their day.

This unique collective of female heroes is vital in keeping the forest healthy and fire free; they are committed and devote most of their time to this job even though their working conditions are poor and their wages meagre, it is their main source of income and the schedule allows them to still look after their children, whilst undertaking other jobs in order to contribute financially to the family household.


They received an award from the Mexican government in 2014 yet their employment circumstances were not addressed nor improved. 

Sociologist Alicia Eguiluz worked with the group of women for a number of months providing workshops on themes of gender awareness and oral history. The book titled 'The Women of the Forest of San Pablo Oztotepec, Milpa Alta: Ten Testimonies of Life and Work' compiling their life stories in their own words, was published in 2016 with financial support from Mexico City's Secretary of Culture through their PACMyC grants programme. 

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